Case study/

Santé Naturelle Adrien Gagnon,
TendoFlex | Tennis (FR)


Conceptualizing and producing the effect that Tendoflex produces on the body while respecting the constraints of the Advertising Standards.


It took only a few weeks for the team to put in place the concept and broadcast this television ad. The Technical challenges faced were to obtain a perfect movement between the tennis and office images while being creative and respecting pharmaceutical products norms within the Canadian Advertising Standards. This advertisement was adapted into a 15-second version

Tech sheet

Client Adrien Gagnon (
Agence de placement Jo Louis (
Boîte de prod Tarzan Studio (
Productrice Nicolanne Sabourin
Coordo production Mélanie Appadoo
Conceptualisation et réalisation Louis Lhomel
Direction photo Max Valsan
Assistant caméra Kevin Mackinnon
Grip Martin Lamarche (Kinelux)
Coiffure/ Maquillage/ Costume Catherine Lévesque
Direction Artistique Thea Metcalfe
Montage Louis Lhomel
Colo Benoît Côté
VFX Jean-Robert Simard
Mix audio PA Francoeur


Assets Management
Color Grading
Editing Graphics & Animation
Location Scouting
Music & Sound Design