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Surge Protector


The Armada Surge Protector commercial shoot is to showcase a remarkable fusion of creativity, innovation, and brilliance with a picturesque backdrop and meticulous direction. The aim is to foster an enthusiastic and collaborative atmosphere among the crew, channelling their passion to create an extraordinary spectacle that sets a new standard of excellence.


This awe-inspiring Armada Surge Protector commercial was strategically harnessed as a powerful promotional tool, targeting trade shows and direct B2B communications. Its captivating visuals, seamless storytelling, and innovative approach were tailored to captivate industry professionals and decision-makers. At trade shows, the video served as a captivating centerpiece, drawing crowds and sparking conversations about Armada’s groundbreaking surge protection technology. In direct B2B communications, it became a persuasive asset, showcasing the product’s unparalleled capabilities and igniting interest among potential clients. With its ability to engage and impress, this video emerged as a key catalyst, propelling Armada’s surge protector into the limelight of the business world.

Tech sheet

Client Armada Surge Protector
Producer Marc-Antoine Daignault
Director Renaud Guertin
Director of Photography Maxime Valsan
Assist A Thomas Marceaux
Video Colorist Benoit Côté
Motion Designer Patrick Gosselin


Assets Management
Color Grading
Editing Graphics & Animation
Location Scouting
Music & Sound Design