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MAX – Life as a Gold Medal


In December 2018, Max, a dominant force in the international snowboarding scene, encountered a devastating blow as his world came crashing down with a cancer diagnosis. The film chronicles Max’s courageous journey, accompanied by his unwavering support system, as they navigate the treacherous path of battling cancer. After triumphing over the disease, Max wastes no time in resuming his training, catching his first glimpse of snow in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, a mere few days before the X Games, just two months after completing his last chemotherapy session. True to his determined spirit, Max fulfills his plan and returns to competition on August 31st, conquering the fierce semi-finals to claim the top spot on the podium, an arduous feat that showcases his unyielding strength and resilience.



By purchasing the film, which is readily accessible through the website, you gain access to a captivating story and contribute to a greater cause. Your support directly aids the fundraising efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. A remarkable 50% of the income generated through this online platform will be donated to society, making a tangible impact on individuals battling blood cancer. Your involvement becomes a beacon of hope, providing vital resources and support to those in need, ultimately making a profound difference in their journey towards recovery.

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