Case study/

Maître Nicolas,
La Plage (FR)


Maitre Nicolas revolutionized notary services through a captivating 15-second ad, promoting convenience and accessibility. Viewers were instantly drawn to the groundbreaking concept of accessing legal services anywhere, anytime. This visionary campaign positioned Maitre Nicolas as a trailblazer, reshaping the legal landscape and envisioning a future where notarial services are just a tap away.


The visionary Maitre Nicolas strategically leveraged the power of social media marketing and their official website to disseminate the captivating 15-second ad promoting the revolutionary concept of accessible notary services. Through targeted social media campaigns, the ad swiftly caught the attention of online users, captivating them with its compelling message and enticing visuals. By strategically placing the ad on their website, Maitre Nicolas ensured that every visitor was greeted with a powerful demonstration of their innovative approach. This multi-channel approach maximized the ad’s reach, engaging a wide audience and sparking curiosity about the seamless notary services offered by Maitre Nicolas. Their online presence became a hub of innovation, reflecting their commitment to transforming the notary landscape with convenience.

Tech sheet

Client Maitre Nicolas
Producer Marc-Antoine Daignault
Director Louis Lhomel
Assistant Director Renaud Guertin
Director of Photography Kevin Mackinnon
Grip/Assist A Thomas Marceaux
Montage Renaud Guertin
Video Colorist Benoit Côté
Narration Fabrice La Roche-Francoeur


Assets Management
Color Grading
Editing Graphics & Animation
Location Scouting