Case study/

NRC Industries,
CSR 85


Experience the captivating showcase of NRC’s origins, unveiling their rich history and leading to the unveiling of their newest masterpiece, THE CSR 85. Witness the fusion of innovation and heritage as NRC solidifies its position as the epitome of excellence in just 50 words.


Over the course of a two-day shoot, we skillfully captured the essence of the company while also unveiling a new product. The showcase featured a nostalgic moment, showcasing the original owner and one of the first trucks built by NRC, juxtaposed against the modern marvel of the new CSR 85. This contrast provided a powerful visual narrative, highlighting the journey and evolution of NRC’s innovation.

Tech sheet

Client NRC Industries
Boîte de prod Tarzan Studio (
Producteur Marc-Antoine Daignault
Conceptualisation et réalisation Antoine Senay-Latendresse
Assistant réalisateur Renaud Guertin
Direction photo Kevin Mackinnon
Caméra B / Assistant caméra Hugo Dubé-Bouchard
Montage Antoine Senay-Latendresse
Colo Antoine Senay-Latendresse


Assets Management
Color Grading
Location Scouting
Music & Sound Design