Case study/

NRC Industries,
CSR 85


Capture the origins of NRC to further showcase the new best  THE CSR 85.


During a two-day shoot, Capturing the essence of the company and filming a product reveal where the two segments are required to be showcased. By using the original owner and one of the first trucks built by NRC, we captured a nostalgic moment and a contrast of the new CSR 85.

Tech sheet

Client NRC Industries
Boîte de prod Tarzan Studio (
Producteur Marc-Antoine Daignault
Conceptualisation et réalisation Antoine Senay-Latendresse
Assistant réalisateur Renaud Guertin
Direction photo Kevin Mackinnon
Caméra B / Assistant caméra Hugo Dubé-Bouchard
Montage Antoine Senay-Latendresse
Colo Antoine Senay-Latendresse


Assets Management
Color Grading
Location Scouting
Music & Sound Design